Created to attend an incipient demand of occupational health, the Prestmo history begins on 1993, even before onset the current sector legislation.

After a year of your creation, the Ministry of Labour issued the 24 and 25 ordinances on 29/12/1994 (DOU at 30/12/1994), regulating the activities of safety and occupational health updated by other acts of the Executive. This legislation requires all companies deploying security programs and occupational health terms to own or outsourced.

In 1996, Presmo had a network with 30 accredited clinics contracted only to clinical examinations, especially on the capital. In 1998 was created the São Paulo unit, at this time, we had 70 accredited clinics to clinical and complementary exams throughout national territory.

Prestmo is among the largest companies in the occupational health segment, and now in 2014, two decades after your inception, has about 1.200 accredited nationwide.

Now, our accredited network is empowered to provide clinical occupational care and all complementary exams in any place where your customers to need including special attention to companies that need all exams in the same local and conclusive report in a short time to meet urgent mobilization and recruitment.

Each year we innovate in the health and safety sector with quality and commitment looking for excellence in our services and maximum suitability that our customers to need.

Our values

Prestmo not partners with customers or suppliers who are not committed to business practices of social and environmental responsibility, and ethical and transparent business relationships.

Prestmo expects from its employees, supplies and customers the adoption of commitments to environmental and social responsibility:

- Ensure the sustainable origin of their products and services.

- Encouraging diversity among its employees, without prejudice against ethnic origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or physical limitations.

- Adopt business relationships and business ethics and transparent.